Short, Simple Rules

1)  This is a lifetime subscription.  Meaning as long as you can use it and we can maintain it, it will continue.  

2)  1 Advertising Blog post per signed up user.  Want 2 blogs?-> create a new sign up!

3)  Editing your ad post is allowed

4) Bad words, nudity, etc, will be deleted.  Repeating will get you banned from the site.

5) No Politics or religion.  This is for business ads only.

6) Hate speach and/or attacks are not allowed.  

Privacy:  We give the same privacy to you that we have or more, Registration information and payment details are kept confidential except by court order for a specific user and never as a whole.  Meaning that if forced by a court, we would give what we have only on a person by name, but not others or unnamed individuals. Our site is protected from all the known and normally other attacks.  Banning is a normal here and many countries are banned from the start. All file types are protected from tampering and new ones don't get in.  We are at the top of protection and will continue in that manner.