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Building/Reparing Windows Desktop Database Applications with Alpha Software(AA) and others


Sign upWe Build and Repair Alpha Software Database Applications for Desktop!

We build or repair Desktop Database applications for windows XP through windows10+.  We also repair and upgrade existing AA applications.  We can bring V3 and V4 to the windows environment.  

You can have your application built for the way your users work, saving them time and you MONEY.


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We want our apps to place all information fields the best way that matches your user's comfort level and automate as much as possible. When they have finished with one field, they can optionally press "enter " or "tab" to move forward. Fields will have popups and lookups at times to keep consistency of records. Records like clients will be assigned a numeric identity for record keeping and to have a connection to any "child" records. Numeric is faster for all apps.

Database fields will be short like 10 or less characters. filenames will also be short like 8 or less characters. Short is a bit faster.

The idea is speed and accuracy, thus saving errors and saving time and money on the bottom line.

Math can be fast or super fast. for fast we use standard operations. For super fast math we work withh 90-100% variable execution.

Reports come in many flavors and can be viewed, printed to a printer, emailed and/or saved as a PDF or MS Word file. Reports can be simple lists, No lists and/or even contain another report.

Utilities come built in to do many maintenance functions and are mostly standard.

We strongly recomend data encryption to keep anyone from being able to read database data if they were to get into your system.

We recommend secure log ins for all users of your application, so we have one pre-built. Administrators can see all, Managers can see what they need, Users are limited to their own needs. This is security for the application.  This is all configurable.

A custom backup can be built in to save your work.

We make a few apps for single users and some for multi-users on the same computer, but most are built to go on a server so many users can use it at the same time.

time. Users connected to the server can number from 1 to around 150(normally 5 to 45) simultainiously.

You do not have to have an expensive server. A good solid fast windows computer with adequate hard drive space and memory can serve the purpose. 


Alpha Software Desktop Upgrades


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Sunday, 29 May 2022
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