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Alpha Software Desktop Upgrades


We are able to upgrade your Alphasoftware economically and efficiently, ofter enhancing your developments by making them multi user.

In addition, we offer a conversion service to the Web, without the need to purchase and use Alpha's Web Application Software.

Recent tests have shown that it is easy to have a Desk Top Alpha application running alongside a Custom built Web application which uses the same data.

Have a look at the following sites if you are interested in the services we provide. 

Alpha Desk Top support - 

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This is something every Alpha desktop owner should read and save some money with a very proficient programmer.
Tuesday, 10 April 2018 12:58
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ALDA Consulting - Joomla

ALDA Consulting

We do a lot of Joomla installs and setups for our clients.  Please visit our pages at


We also have a hosting company where we have a lot of word press clients.  Joomla is the mainstay, but hosting is optimized for both.  



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Blog Post Advertising How to


Blog Post Advertising

Ever watch others with less ability/product take your potential client away when you have the best product at a maybe better price?  Did they do it with advertising by placing a nice blog post to entice the client to their site instead of yours?

You can bet it has happened more often than not.  

Now You have a way to get even with or better them.  We created this site where you can create your Posts and then share it all over the web, even to google plus. As a bonus, your clients can share your post  to get you even further along by using the share buttons below your Post.

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